Price: $699

State: California
City: San Diego
Zip code: 92108
Type: Animals

The Superb Parrot is a medium-sized parrot, with a swift and graceful flight. tail is long and the wings are backswept and pointed. Both male and female are mostly bright green, The female is duller, with red thighs and patches of pink on the inner walls of the tail feathers. The Superb Parrot is also known as the Barraband or Scarlet-breasted Parrot or the Green Leek.
LOLA now 11 month she is FULLY TAMED ,,, she loves to play with kids ,, very friendly ,, DONT bite .. love to eat from your hand ,,, and stay outside her cage on your shoulder ,,, her wings clips love to take shower am asking small rehoming fee of $ 699.00 or OBO
You need to have your own cage ,, FREE FOOD and Toys comes with her